We Moved! Arthritis Tips for Packing and Moving

Brianna is standing next to her husband Max outside of their new home. Brianna has long blonde hair, Max has short dark hair, both of them are wearing sunglasses

From apartment to apartment, Max and I have moved a good bit. We were anxious to put our roots down in the Tampa Bay area and recently bought a house! Let me tell you, moving is not "arthritis-friendly", but I think there are ways to make things a bit easier.... or at least can share a few things that have worked for me. 

Little by Little
It's easier said than done but planning ahead and taking packing little by little is helpful. I knew if I could pack just one box on a given day, that was a victory. Packing is overwhelming, no one will deny that, but the last thing a spoonie needs while moving is a flare. Make lists, stay organized, and call on friends and family to help. 

Budget for Movers
I know this one is a tough sell because movers aren't accessible for everyone but the last few moves we have done we have been mindful from the beginning of the process to save money in our budget for movers. I didn't feel guilty the day of our move not lifting heavy things and instead just serving as a "conductor" of sorts. I think having the movers there helped me not feel guilty or lazy for not pushing myself too far. 

Label your Boxes
Not only do you want to organize what you're packing by room but having what you need for at least the first week in one spot will be so helpful rather than feeling pressured to unpack and rummaging for what you need. Don't forget to label your meds and anything else you need to take care of yourself!

Ergonomic Packing Tools
Scissors, tape dispensers, moving tools, and more; there are so many new ergonomic tools on the market that can be helpful for those with things like rheumatoid arthritis. I saved a few ideas here. Again, the goal here is to avoid a major flare-up or injury.

Now that we have purchased a home, I'm glad we won't be moving again soon. For anyone with an upcoming move make sure to keep your health and yourself a priority. It's easy to push yourself too far during exciting times like moving but try to be mindful of your body's limits. 

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